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About me.
What they think of me. 

Stefani Longshamp
Federico BUFFA
FRASE BUFFA x Sito-Recuperato copia 4.jpg

"It was, I'm afraid, my sixtieth birthday.

I was going into my sixth maiske according to the Chinese. A mutual friend commissions Benny to paint a portrait.

Mine. Do not  I was ready.

But then I saw it and I immediately realized that Benny had read my mind, if I ever had one about it.


Highlight the narrated and not the narrator.

He has chosen 4 impossibly greats from sports history to dominate his work.  The ones that I would have chosen.


Thank you .


For real."


Gianluca VIALLI

Former Coach, FIGC Manager

Juventus captain
European Champion 1996

FRASE VIALLI x3_edited.jpg

"Benny is an enlightened observer  

with a sensitive hand e  

talented who gives back in a way  

extraordinary physical uniqueness e  

psychology of the faces he portrays.

His works fill me with  

admiration and good humor! "

Max Reinert
FRASE JANE A. x Sito copia.jpg

"Benny, besides being an artist

outstanding, is a sincere friend and

i am really happy to have the

lucky to be able to call him


Actress and Presenter

Ancora 1


He always asks me:  

"Do you want it as an illustration or a caricature?"  

Difficult to choose: the caricature is always  

centered, the perfect illustration.  

For Conrad, “the truth can be more  

cruel of caricature ».  

In Benny's works, cruelty is not  

is contemplated: respect prevails  

and the essence of the character.  

Director of "Corriere dello Sport"
and "Guerin Sportivo"
Ancora 5
Ancora 2
FRASE SANNA x Sito copia 2.jpg
Gavino SANNA

International caricaturist and guru

of advertising

"Benny has reached the level of giants  

of the past of satire: Galantara

Garretto, Sacchetti, Molino.

Each of his designs has the strength of a  


Modesty, a very rare gift,  

it allowed him to have many  

friends and admirers.

And I'm definitely one of the first. "

Ancora 3
FRASE BERRUTI modif copia.jpg

Italian athletics legend,  World record holder on 200 meters,  Gold Medal at

ROME'60 Olympics

"Benny's caricatures are the synthesis  

of a physical, anthropological analysis  

and psychological made with  

clever irony and great  

intellectual honesty. "

Movie director

FRASE MARTINELLI def copia.jpg

“Benny is a great professional.

  Demonstrates extraordinary ability  

in transforming the  

directions from the director about it  

the single shot

  of the storyboard: objective used,  

angle, succession  

of the shots. "

Ancora 4
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